Ryzen 9 5950X achieves an average of 5440H/s in mining Raptoreum using PBO2



Just two weeks ago we reported that high-end Ryzen CPUs are in danger as miners are running towards them for mining Raptoreum. This has led to many miners buying motherboards and RAM modules in bulk. Ryzen 9 series processors are said to work the best for mining Raptoreum and thus, processors like Ryzen 9 5900X or 5950X are more prone to mining.

Youtube Channel “Son of a Tech” has found a method for those who are not using AMD’s Precision Boost Overdrive 2 to achieve high hash rates. Usually, the Ryzen 5950X would mine at around 4400-4800H/s but using AMD PBO2, the user got an average of 5440H/s by tweaking some BIOS settings.

He was using B550 Taichi motherboard from ASRock and in his BIOS interface, all he did was put the PBO on Advanced and tweak the Curve Optimizer on All Cores. He left everything else like clock frequency, voltage etc. on auto and let PBO do its work. Additionally, he set All core curve Optimizer Sign to Negative and All core curve Optimizer Magnitude to 15. He also set the Max CPU boost clock override to 200MHz. 

hash rate

He achieved stable temperatures and stable clock speeds with these settings and max power consumption of only 141 watts. All this at an average hash rate of 5440H/s. So, it seems that AMD’s PBO is really working for stabilizing the clock speeds and voltage while delivering good numbers in mining Raptoreum which right now is seemed to be favoured by many users.

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