Screws to Use for Motherboard Installation

Screws for motherboard

PC building is easy but sometimes there are small issues like which screws to use for installing a motherboard or power supply, or how many standoffs to be used for a motherboard.

These are quite common but these can lead to major problems if not paid attention to. If the correct screws are not used to install the motherboard, your motherboard can get stuck to the case permanently and you might need to use some kind of tool to remove it which can get it damaged.

To address the related issues, take a look at the following points which you should always remember before installing a motherboard.

Screws for motherboard

The screws which secure the motherboard are #6-32 UNC. These have a thread pitch of 0.794mm and a major diameter of 3.505mm.

Now the screw head can be different. Most cases come with all types of PC component screws and generally, the most common ones are the ones with a hexagonal head. Some might come with a washer bigger than the head. Irrespective of that, both of them are compatible to be used with the motherboard if they have the same specifications as listed above.

motherboard screws

These screws sometimes come painted in black color and are also used for securing hard drives and power supplies.

Motherboard screw size

As mentioned above, their diameter is around 3.5mm and their length can vary from 4.76mm up to 10mm. A motherboard has around 4mm hole, so these screws don’t pose a difficulty in installation.

Screwdriver size

#2 screwdriver is needed to secure the screws of the motherboard. Generally, it’s better to have a Crosshead screwdriver for easy installation and it is recommended to have a magnetic one.

#2 crosshead screwdriver

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