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DeepCool Assassin II Review: It’s a beast

Performance and Conclusion

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Now it’s time to test this beast, hoping to get some positive feedback:

Test Bench comprised of the following:


When I first started testing I was really concerned about the weight of the Assassin II and started checking my mobo whether it could handle the weight. However, the brackets somehow sustain the weight of the giant and I was able to conclude the test with a rather surprising output. The idle temperature was 27 Degree Celsius and the Max Temperature was only 41 Degree Celsius.

DeepCool Assassins II benchmark

Noise Test

I was very much surprised with the noise test that I conducted on the cooler. The results were unbelievable. This is due to the dynamic fluid bearing and as well as the presence of ta hick rubber layer to sustain the vibration. Deepcool Assassins II produced less sound than AMD’s Stock Cooler.

DeepCool Assassin II
9.5 / 10 XG Rating
  • Good Build Quality
  • Very Good Cooling Efficiency
  • Awesome Looks and good for users who prefer colour combo build
  • Amazingly Quite
  • Additional fan Hub included
  • No room for 3rd fan installation
  • Small Thermal Paste Provided
  • Weighs around 1.5kgs after mounting the fans
  • Huge!!!! Sucks up your RAM Slots
The Assassin II is an aesthetically pleasing cooler, and the red and black fan colors are a plus for me. The Assassin II has a retail list price of $78.42, which is right in line with coolers of similar size and performance. If you are looking for a cooling solution that is a big leap above stock cooling, the Assassin II is worth checking out. You won't be disappointed.
Fan Quality
Value to Price


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