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Best Mid-Tower Cases


Mid-Tower cases are the most popular among PC builders due to their capability of fitting every component easily and being compact at the same time. They are not as much as compact as a Micro-ATX tower but with a little more length, a mid-tower can fit in an ATX motherboard which on the other hand is much more upgradable that can support multiple SATA hard drives, 1 or more graphics cards based upon the capability of motherboard and a few more PCI slots for expansion cards.

Mid-tower cases are best for building a Gaming PC and they come with a variety of designs for different purposes like Airflow, compatibility, aesthetics etc. In the past few years, different manufacturers have released several cases and have improved their overall looks along with the design that attracts anyone who wants to build an attractive PC. Following is the list of best mid-tower cases that are worthy of your buy in 2019.

Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-04 TG Edition

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Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-04 TG Edition

Corsair SPEC-04 is one of the latest edition in the SPEC series. Although SPEC-05 is also available but that case is terrible in many aspects. However, the SPEC-04 brings new things to the table. The previous three SPEC cases brought good interior and good airflow from the front. As the time changed and the tempered glass became more popular, Corsair released the SPEC-04 edition and then redesigned it with tempered glass. The tempered glass in this case will allow you to see everything inside the case and is immune to minor scratches.

The case has a similar interior to the previous SPEC cases and provides a decent cutout at the motherboard tray for easy CPU cooler installation. This case has support for up to 3 hard drives and 2 SSDs at the back side which will be hidden completely. This makes it a good choice for a clean build. There are a lot of routeing holes inside the case which are, however, not accompanied by rubber grommets, but still enough for routeing any cable through the required routeing hole. Cable management in this case is easy as there is decent clearance at the back.

Taking a look a the front which is the best part of this case, it has an angular front panel design with both mesh and a plastic cover. The mesh will allow good airflow from the front but the plastic will restrict some airflow. Most of the cases we saw in 2017 and also in 2018 brought a plain glass tempered glass panel that restricts 90% of the airflow, but this case provides a fine amount of airflow which is very necessary for maintaining a steady temperature inside. There is one 120mm RED Led fan pre-installed in the case and you can install two more fans at the front, 2x 120mm fans at the top and 1x 120mm fan at the rear for a complete balanced airflow. You can check out the complete review of this case if you want to know more about it.

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Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent Edition

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Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent Edition 5

This is the case which I have used in my $1250 Kabylake build as well as $600 Kabylake build previously because it has a good components compatibility and is almost silent. There are two versions of this case but the other one is not made silent as this and costs only a few bucks lower.


The design is simple and sleek and the ventilation, however, is not much good like the previous one but you can actually install up to 3 custom fans inside the case. As the case is bigger you can still expect it to not heat so much. Actually, this case is designed as silent as possible for media works etc. The side panel doesn’t have a window but actually, all of the panels including the top of the case use insulation material for absorbing noise. The front of the case is straight and sleek too with the support of 2x120mm/140mm fan support inside.

The rear has a fan controller to make your fans slower or faster which is a good feature to use the fans as slow as possible when the system is idle and push them as fast as you can when you are doing gaming. But if this case would have ventilation perforated mesh or something like that, the case wouldn’t be so silent. So, if you prefer silence over ventilation, this is the right option for you.


The components compatibility is also fine. It has 2×5.25″ drive bays and 4×3.5″/2.5″ combo drive bays for Hard drives and SSD’s which are tool-free easy to setup drive bays. The compatibility of motherboards is, however, better than the previous case as along with the Micro ATX, ATX motherboards, it also supports Mini-ITX motherboards. But the maximum height of CPU cooler it can support is 150mm which could have been more for this price.

The case supports Liquid coolers like H55, H60, H75, H80i but I think you can use a Corsair H100i on the front. As there are no drive bays in the middle of the case, you can actually use graphics cards longer up to 414mm and two-way SLI/CrossfireX.

In the front, there are Audio I/O jacks and two USB 3.0 ports. So, if you have a motherboard that has a USB 3.0 front panel port you will get the benefits of these two ports. I think this case is only good for you if you want a silent PC with a little bit of compromise. Sure it has some disadvantages when we look at the ventilation but at the same time, you get compatibility with Mini-ITX motherboards and more silence.

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Fractal Design Meshify C TG

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Fractal Design Meshify C White-TG

If I can choose a perfect case for you under $100, then I will recommend the Fractal Design Meshify C TG which is without any CON the best case you can find right now. This is a deal breaker and consists of every feature that you would want and need. The case is taller than it is wide and saves a good amount of space on the desk but this doesn’t let it decrease its compatibility. It can take AIO coolers, custom liquid loops and long graphics cards. The interior and the exterior are at its best and I like the White version of this which has a white exterior and black interior. There are a total of 5 versions of this case including a black one but I like this one the most.

The case uses a very good design for installing the components especially the storage devices. The full-length PSU shroud hides the power supply and can host 2x 3.5″ hard drives while the back of the motherboard tray can host 3x 2.5″ SSDs. For cable management, there are 2 big routeing holes with rubber grommets. There are also some routeing holes on the PSU shroud that are very helpful in connecting the front panel connectors to the motherboard. As for the cooling, this case doesn’t hold back anywhere. The front panel features an angular design which Fractal Design claims increases the intake. There are dust filters at the front, top and bottom so that the case accumulates less dust.

You can install up to 3x 120mm/2x 140mm fans at the front, 2x 120mm/140mm fans at the top, a 1x 120mm fan at the bottom and 1x 120mm fan at the rear. The case already comes with two 120mm fans pre-installed- one at the front and one at the rear.  For AIO cooling, you can install up to 360mm radiator at the front and up to 280mm radiator at the top. Therefore, cooling wise it doesn’t fall back and provides the maximum support. The material quality, as well as the aesthetics of this case, is 10/10 for the price.

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Phanteks Enthoo Pro M TG

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Phanteks Phanteks Enthoo PRO M

I cannot stop myself but put this beautiful mid-tower on this list as it features one of the best designs for compatibility with components and for cooling. It’s the combination of everything at one place and comes at a budget price that many cases fail to come at.


When the design of this case is considered it’s better than the NZXT S340 Elite in my opinion with some fewer premium features but what it comes with is not present in the S340. The interior of this case is designed in such a manner that it gives you more than enough empty space to work with and you can do custom water loop liquid cooling in this case without any problem. There are two big routeing holes with rubber grommets that hide the cables neatly and the presence of these holes almost at every suitable place makes it a good case for cable management.

Installing a custom CPU cooler won’t be a problem in this chassis as it has a big cutout on the motherboard tray and a lot of space behind it. The case also features a full-length PSU shroud that will hide every cable properly along with the hard drives. Your power supply, however, will be visible from the side because of the cutout at the shroud so you can either make your PSU brand appear from outside or you can mod the PSU for better looks.

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The front panel of the case is one of the best things in it which is currently not being implemented in a lot of cases. It sports a ventilated front panel with a dust filter that will allow good airflow inside the case and at the same time, it will stop the entrance of dust to a good extent. At least it’s better than the cases which have very less area for intake and because of this I recommend going with it over the NZXT S340 Elite, however, the latter comes with a side tempered glass panel which is absent in it. It contains tempered glass side panel that is the new addition to the original version of this case and therefore you will admire its aesthetics more than ever.


Starting from how much fans and coolers it can take, there is very good support for both radiators as well as chassis fans in it. You can install up to 3x 120mm fans at the front if you remove the HDD cage and with HDD cage installed you can install 2x 120mm fans. Similarly, you can install up to 360mm radiator at the front and a 360mm radiator at the top which is exactly what you should be looking for in case you want the best cooling performance. Surely, it’s not the best in cooling but it’s far superior to most of the mid-towers I listed on this list.

You can install Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX as well as E-ATX motherboards in it that should not be wider than 264mm. A normal mid-tower doesn’t have compatibility like this and you can install a very big CPU cooler in it at the same time as the total clearance for a CPU air cooler is 194mm. And as there is a lot of space in it because of the absence of the HDD cage in the middle, you can install very long graphics cards and do two Way-SLI or CrossfireX if you are planning to build a high-end Gaming PC.

For storage, there are a total of 2 bays present for 3.5″ hard drives and you can install 6 more of those which aren’t included with this case and you can buy them for expanding your storage capacity. For SSDs there is one drive bay present and you can install two more separately. Overall, this case should be your priority if all of your requirements come under what I have stated.

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Define R6 Black TG

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Define R6 Black TG

This is another great mid-tower case from Fractal Design. The quality of Fractal Design cases are superior to most of the brands out there and Fractal provides more features which are really needed. This case is not aimed at the best airflow but designed to reflect a simple yet modern look. The case is made wider to host big components especially long graphics cards. The front of the case has a brushed aluminium finish and takes the cool air from the sides. The case also has a large tempered glass side panel through which you can take a look at your components.

It’s completely black from inside and outside, however, there are some variations available in White as well as Gunmetal colour.  Inside the chassis, there is a full-length PSU shroud that has an open space at the front in order to host thick radiators and intake fans. The case is highly modular and you can literally take apart almost every part of it if you ever face any incompatibility with any component. There is a hard drive panel which you can either remove completely or use in order to expand your storage capacity. Along with that, there are two hard drive bays in the PSU shroud and two SSD drive slots at the back of the motherboard tray.

The case has sound dampened side panels which will ensure that you hear less noise while gaming. But that doesn’t make it stand behind in terms of cooling. The case can let you install up to 3x 120mm fans or 2x 140mm fans at the front and 1x 120mm/140mm fan at the rear. The case already comes with 3x 140mm fans pre-installed in these locations and if you want more balanced airflow, there are slots for installing up to 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans at the top. Similar is the case for radiators.

Cable management, on the other hand, is fabulous as there are cable tying straps behind the motherboard tray and enough clearance for tucking the leftover cables. At the back, there is also one FAN Hub present from where you can control your chassis fans. At the top, there is an option to choose from a completely covered top or a dust filter. Not only at the top but at the front and bottom, the case is equipped with dust filters to resist dust as much as possible from entering into the case.

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Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB

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Except for some flaws that are minor for me this case is the most premium mid-tower chassis but at a cost, not everyone can afford. For $180, this case has a great support for components and a premium look with all side tempered glass panels.


I don’t remember exactly the case name from which the idea for Corsair 570X was taken but nonetheless, this case has 4 sides tempered glass panels which makes it very heavy and a burden sometimes because it needs a lot of care. But those tempered glasses make it look fantastic making visible everything from fans to internal components. Many people didn’t like the tempered glass at the back as it exposes the cables but if you do the cable management properly with the help of the metal cover and velcro straps that it comes with, it should be no problem.

The case although have tempered glass panels at the front and top, it has clearance at the sides for airflow. Those aren’t enough for proper airflow but does the job done. As I am using this case in my personal RIG I can say that those aren’t a problem for me but for overclockers, it won’t be an appealing choice. Coming to the interior, it has a good amount of empty space with a PSU shroud that does not extend towards the front panel making clearance for thick radiators if you want to do custom water cooling in it. The PSU shroud doesn’t come with any cover that hides cables but if you stuck them well inside the shroud, then it will be OK.

The case has a good amount of routeing holes with rubber grommets but at the PSU shroud, there isn’t any. So, these are some flaws which may make you imply that this case isn’t the best one and sure it isn’t but the material quality is superior when compared to some of the best chassis in the market. Also, it comes with 4x 120mm Corsair SP series fans that are RGB connected to a Corsair Controller at the back of the case which can be controlled using the three buttons at the top of the case. You can switch between the effects, colours and speed for making your case gorgeous.


This case can support intermediately sized CPU coolers and long graphics cards. As the hard drive bays are present at the back of the case there is enough space present at the front which won’t put any interference in installing thick radiators. You can install 2x 3.5″ hard drives as well as 2x 2.5″ SSDs at the back. There isn’t any more room for expanding the storage capacity in this case.

For cooling, as there are already 4x 120mm fans pre-installed in it, you can install two more 120mm fans at the top making a balanced airflow overall. Similarly, you can install up to 360mm radiator at the front and 240mm radiator at the top. The front, of course, comes with a dust filter and it gets filled with dust in a month easily which you can remove for cleaning. So, in case you are doing ultimate cooling in your case be prepared for cleaning the dust regularly.

This case when released was available in only black colour. Now it is present in Mirror Black, Red and White also providing you options to choose from.

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CoolerMaster MasterCase H500M

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Cooler Master MasterCase H500M 1

Cooler Master MasterCase H500M is the revised edition of the original H500P which also got a revision for the front panel but this one adds some more features to the case which helps in both aesthetics as well as airflow. This case costs $200 due to the premium quality materials used in it and the features it has been equipped with for components support as well as cable management.

Our Senior Editor Subhanka has reviewed this case and is using it as his personal chassis and believes that it lives up to its name and is worthy of being included in the Half series that CoolerMaster has specifically made for high airflow. The front panel uses a quality mesh design that features more width from the sides which results in increased airflow and the middle part can be interchanged with the glass panel if you want to limit the dust intake. In both the cases, the case performs absolutely great in terms of cooling and as the case is equipped with 2x 200mm ARGB fans, you will be enjoying both the great airflow and multiple coloured lighting effects.

Inside it, there is a lot of space for installing tall CPU coolers, AIO coolers as well as long graphics cards that will get clearance up to 412mm. It also uses a Graphics card support arm that helps the graphics card not to sag which looks odd. With a full PSU shroud, you can hide all the cables inside it and also host your hard drives which is now a norm in most of the mid-tower cases. Behind the motherboard tray, you will find the covers that allow you to hide cables properly even if you don’t use the back panel. That’s also a good addition.

There are multiple features that are still needed to be discussed on it but it will be better if you read our full review of this case that will let you decide if this case is worth the money or not.



Choosing a good mid-tower case can be difficult. It’s better to research see what will suit your needs the most. The above cases mentioned are for different needs and should fulfill your requirements for building a great Gaming PC. There are several other cases that could have been listed on this list but I chose the best from them and as new cases launch on a monthly basis, it is possible that I miss some good cases. I try to update this list as frequently as possible and in case you have any doubt, you can ask me in the comments section.

Cases List (As of 22th May 2019)

Case Image Price Links
Corsair Carbide Series
SPEC-04 TG Edition
Corsair Carbide Series
100R Silent Edition
Fractal Design Meshify
C Tempered Glass
Phanteks Enthoo
Pro M TG
Define R6 Black TG $137.96
Corsair Crystal Series
570X RGB
CoolerMaster MasterCase


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