When to change your CPU cooler?

Change the cooler

Change the cooler

Points to keep in mind

CPU Coolers are the main components of a system and it helps to maintain the CPU temperature in a steady manner. Most time, many users the stock coolers that come along with your CPU, but this might not be a good idea if you are using a high-end system then the stock cooler won’t suffice you. The reason is that if you are using a high-end PC, then you will be using a high-end processor in your system and as a result, your CPU will generate more heat while it will be operational. Thus to keep the temperature under control, a good CPU cooler is needed.

Moreover, the fans present in your case will also create a wind flow and if there are not enough fans for intake and exhaust then the CPU cooler plays an important role in the circulation of the air. The thermal level of a CPU should always be on a steady level and maintaining this level will help the performance gain in your PC.

There are many many aftermarket coolers available in the present-day market and you can choose any one from them, be it an AIO liquid cooler or a powerful air cooler. The choice of these coolers totally depends on you and your present-day setup as most of the users currently use tempered glass PC chassis which comes equipped with tempered glass side panel and these chassis have a limitation of airflow on them. You can refer to our previous topics that were made on coolers that are best suited for Ryzen processors or Intel processors.

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There might be some users who are currently using the stock cooler and are not certain that if they should go for an aftermarket CPU or when they should change their cooler to get optimal performance. That’s the main reason we are making this topic so that you can easily realize that it the perfect time when you should consider changing your CPU cooler before its too late.

First and foremost, no matter which cooler you choose, you must ensure proper cleaning and maintenance. In the case with CPU air coolers, the maintenance is on the lower end, and that with the AIO liquid coolers, the maintenance is on the higher end. However, there are certain times when you are in need to change your existing coolers and if you are not aware of what situation it depends on then this post will help you to have some idea on it.

Keep a check on CPU temperature

CPU temperature

Firstly, always keep a tab on the monitor of the CPU temperature, and if you find some anomaly in the readings do check your cooler. In most cases, the coolers need to be cleaned as when they are used for a prolonged time, dust accumulates on them which results in interrupted airflow. In the case with liquid coolers, they should always be checked frequently as sometimes the tubing might leak and as a result, the cooling might not be up to the mark and the same can also damage your CPU hardware. In both the occasion, if the cooler is not performing like it used to, then you might need to go for a new cooler.

Regularly check heatsink, pump, fans, tubes, and radiator

Secondly, if you are using a cooler for more than 3 years you might want to check it thoroughly especially the RPM of the fans and the condition of the heat sink in the case with a CPU air cooler and the pump, tubes, fans, radiator in the case with an AIO. Mostly the fans in both the occasion fail to perform due to the failure of bearings or accumulation of too many dirt particles and as a result, the airflow and air pressure get deteriorated. You can replace the fans easily but you should check the rest components to be sure that a change of the fans will serve your purpose.

See if you have some warranty left

Thirdly, electronic failure of equipment can not be observed from outside but upon close inspection and regular monitoring of temperature, these can be avoided. However, if your warranty period is over, it’s better to purchase a new CPU cooler instead of trying to repair the old one.

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Current cooler not able to maintain lower temperatures

high CPU temperature

Lastly, if you are using your stock cooler and previously it was providing quite satisfactory results, but recently it is failing to maintain the same, then better not to waste your time around the stock cooler, instead you should go and get an aftermarket cooler. The reason for the same is the factors that the stock coolers are not suitable for prolonged usage if you are having a high-end system. They won’t be able to satisfy the demanding nature of these high-end systems.


If you are having a CPU air cooler, then you would need to spend a small amount of time in order to keep it in healthy shape. A proper cleaning would serve the purpose very well and will keep it running for a long period of time. Further, the fans are the main culprit of disturbance for a CPU air cooler and one can easily change them if needed and also considering the fact that the rest of the cooler especially the heat sink and the brackets are intact. However, the case with that of AIO or custom lube liquid coolers is quite different. They need periodical maintenance and if ignored the result might also damage your hardware. But again, if you are having a PC chassis that offers less amount of airflow, then the AIO’s are the best to choose from.

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