Windows 11 can be installed on unsupported hardware through a loop hole

Windows 11

A few days ago we heard that Microsoft will be limiting its upcoming version of Windows to certain users based on their hardware. Microsoft issued a statement that says if the hardware of a user doesn’t match a minimum requirement, that user won’t be able to install the upcoming version.

The minimum system requirements were quite high. According to the published official documentation by Microsoft and its partners, one will need an 8th-gen or newer processor to run the new operating system. However, Microsoft is currently planning to support Intel’s 8th Gen and AMD’s Ryzen 2000-series chips as well.

As of today, we came around information that will make some really happy. Windows 11 can be installed on unsupported hardware as well. Windows 11 will be offered via Media Creation Tool for unsupported hardware. Microsoft is not suggesting users to use this feature as it might cause issues with drivers.

Therefore, the summarized version will be, one can install the upcoming Windows 11 on their system, using the media creation tool on unsupported hardware only if the user is accepting the risk of driver issues and limited support from Microsoft.

Microsoft also published a Windows 11 compatibility tool to determine if your system is ready for Windows 11 but you will need to be a member of the Windows Insider Program.

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