AMD increases in revenue and starts more GPU production

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From the time when AMD started its sale of Ryzen processors as well as the RX series graphics cards, it’s no┬ádoubt that it gave a good competition to both Intel and Nvidia which made Intel lower the prices of its processors at a time. As Ryzen processors were a success and still are, more and more people went for the Ryzen 5 series CPU’s for their gaming builds instead going for the Intel Core i5’s.

Recently, AMD saw a massive increase in their revenue due to their revolutionary computer products as compared to the year 2016. It saw a gain of 24% Year on Year which is $1.48 billion dollar in revenue as compared to the $1.1 billion dollars of 2016. It’s impressive and keeps the competition healthy which benefits customers.

Due to the announcement of the new Ryzen 2nd generation processors, AMD has also cut off prices for the first gen Ryzen processors and you can get a Ryzen 3/5/7 processors at much cheaper prices now.

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AMD’s chief executive Dr Lisa Su also stated that they are working to make the new processors free from the Spectre and also indicated that AMD is now ramping up the graphics cards production than before. It’s no doubt that the increase in the prices of graphics cards is the result of miners who buy every single graphics card available on the market making it difficult for the gamers to buy one at the original price.

As far as the production goes, Lisa Su, as stated by Tomshardware stated that the company has enough silicon but the shortage of GDDR5 and HBM memory which leads to slow production.

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