ASRock is now providing Z370 chipset with DeskMini

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ASRock has upgraded its DeskMini GTX/RX barebones PC by providing Z370 chipset motherboard that can support the latest 8th Gen Coffee-Lake processors which have more cores and more threads. DeskMini GTX/RX barebone PC provides high-end specs with compact space.

The DeskMini features a small aluminium and steel made chassis which looks more like a console with a Micro-STX form factor board which is 2″ more than the Mini-STX board which made it have more power adding in some few M.2 slots and a discrete MXM slot for high-end graphics cards.

ASRock DeskMini

The board is either equipped with a GTX 1060 or a GTX 1080 graphics card at the front and at the back of the board, there are 3x Ultra M.2 slots (PCI-E Gen3 x4) and an M.2 slot for wifi. For storage, there are 2 SATA 6Gb(5V power) ports at the back along with the M.2 slots. You can add in 2x 2.5″ SSD/HDD for storage in the DeskMini.

The socket is LGA 1151 that supports processors up to 6 cores having TDP of 65 Watts and Dual Channel DDR4 that supports up to 32GB of RAM clocked up to 3200Mhz.

For connectivity, there are 2x USB ports at the front out of which there are one USB 3.1 port and one USB 3.1 Type C port. At the rear, there are 4x USB 3.1 ports and 2x USB 2.0 ports at the side panel. For powering the system, the DeskMini equipped with GTX 1060 comes with a 220Watts AC adapter whereas the model with GTX 1080 comes with a 270Watts one. Pricing is not yet revealed but it should not add much because the last generation DeskMini was having a B250 chipset board. Otherwise, all the specs are same.



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