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Devil Jin
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Devil jin is considered among the top tier characters in Tournament in Tekken 7 and surely he is. Qudans won the World Tekken Tournament in 2017 with him and a lot of professional players like Knee use him. A lot of people were annoyed by his HellSweep. As it is very fast and most of the times we have to guess whether the opponent will do the HellSweep or the Up-Forward 4, it makes Devil Jin Overpowered.

In Season 2 DLC, a lot of characters have been affected including Dragunov, Paul, Claudio, Jin and a 2 new characters have been introduced: Anna and Lei Wulong. But as it will take time to adjust with the new characters, the professional players using the already available characters like Dragunov and Devil Jin will have to adjust.

Devil Jin’s Hell Sweep had a good range. Even if you hit it with a little far apart, you could still possibly execute the combo from it by doing a micro-step. Now, that’s not possible. I have seen many online matches where Qudans and Knee have been executing combos by micro-stepping due to the opponent falling a little far but now they have to either dash a little bit to do a Back 4 or a low poke. Ground Lazer also won’t hit as demonstrated by Aris in his new video.

There are other moves which have been buffed like Forward 1+2 which deals more damage after the opponent bounces from the wall and the Forward, N, Down, Down-Forward 4, 4. There were some other small changes done to the character but it seems like he is still good for the online competitions as compared to the outrage after we got the patch notes before the update. I haven’t downloaded the patch yet but I am planning to play it in a day or so. Anyways he is my second main after Dragunov and I keep struggling in the Green Ranks(Currently Fighter).


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