Huawei about to build an ultimate smartwatch dedicated to gaming

In an interesting move by the Chinese smartphones manufacturer “Huawei”, who filed their new patent over World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) for a new revolutionary gaming smartwatch which is named as ‘Smart wearable device and control method for the same wearable device’.

In this technology, instead of using a conventional touchscreen, this smartwatch will be handled via its watch band. As its strap would be enabled with various gestures to play all kinds of shooter and racing games where users are required to move and control rapidly. The gestures incorporated are like tap, slide, pull, sway, twist, shake and press. These will be used to assign different functions to each gesture in a very simplified manner.

Huawei Smartwatch
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The smartwatch documentation evidently reveals its detailed illustrations where it exhibits its mechanical sensor and a touch area on both the bands, which can be easily activated by a slide or a long-press gesture. Interestingly, its strap acts as a virtual keyboard where half of the keys are on the left and the half on are right. Wow! such an even distribution, where users can easily scroll up and down to access all characters when needed.

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This Hauwei’s gaming smartwatch will also provide a gyroscope and an accelerometer. Which helps to read the gestures whenever a watch is pulled or twisted from either side to perform a specific task. This futuristic watch is also envisioned by the makers to play games horizontally where a user will be holding his watch with bands on both sides of the watch held with their hands. So, as to provide more realistic and better controls.

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Huawei Smartwatch
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Apart from gaming, this watch can be used to take selfies as well. Where user can easily zoom in and out, scroll, copy text and a lot more as per the convenience.

Without saying this patent clearly demonstrates Huawei’s intention to become a leading company in this category. While its opponents such as Xiaomi, ZTE and Razer went deep into the gaming smartphone, it remains to be seen how Huawei will execute the development of this futuristic product and will leave its mark in the market.

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