Micro-Center takes steps to sell graphics cards to gamers

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Increased prices of graphics cards both on Amazon and Newegg have made it difficult for gamers to buy even a single graphics card at its original MRP. This drives gamers crazy as they have been saving for several months to buy a graphics card. And the case is completely different now. If a person has $600 to build a gaming PC, he would have spent around $200 on a graphics card but what can he do if the graphics card is alone costing him $600?

Nvidia a week ago announced that it will ensure that the retailers should take measures to sell to gamers instead of miners but there were long threads on forums and facebook groups where the people were arguing each other on how they will do this? Some said that it’s just a PR and they only want money but some said that they can do this by limiting the number of graphics card per consumer.

Well, it is not that easy to implement it in a couple of days. But Micro Center has taken some steps to do this finally. The first condition they put is that you have to buy all the other components along with the graphics card so that they can know you are building “A Gaming PC” and not a mining rig and then they have to take permission from an In-store manager as stated by PCGamer.

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Micro Center on their Page has stated that they are trying their best to keep the prices below their competitors which are Amazon and Newegg and also offer more discounts. They are also trying to limit the quantities of selling several graphics cards to a single person. Already, there is some latest info from companies like MainGear who are now going to produce mining rigs with 6 graphics cards.

If somehow, mining and gaming things are separated from each other, maybe gamers can buy graphics cards at decent prices. But the problem will still not be sorted out for those who are already having a system and want to upgrade their graphics card. Maybe we can see something better in the near future.

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