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Counter strike global offensive is the game that I play most of the time. Rather than having some good time in Battlefield 4 or Fallout 4, I play this addictive game to practice my aim of ak 47.

Well a large community of gamers play CS GO because it’s a very unique Fps game that is ever been created. Unlike the other games like COD and BF4, you can’t just shoot with your rifle straight away without controlling your recoil. This makes CS Go somehow harder in mastering the weapon especially the AK 47.

Ak 47 has the most difficult recoil in CS Go but at the same time has a lethal first shot. It really doesn’t matter if the opponent has a helmet on his head, One shot of Ak 47 exactly to the head will kill him. Therefore a lot of pro players like Scream who is considered the best aimer practice the Ak 47 a lot.

My favourite weapon is too Ak 47 and I am fond of practicing it’s one tap aim and burst fire. After playing several hundreds of hours on different maps and practicing in different workshop maps, I have got the best 5 maps that improve your Ak and other rifle’s aim drastically. These are the maps I play all the time and have selected them out of more than 20 aim maps that has been created specifically for Ak 47.

The link to these maps are given below the descriptions.

#1. Fast aim/Reflex training By Yolokas

Fast aimReflex training

If you would ask me what’s the best map for Practicing the one tap aim and burst fire, then I must say Fast aim/Reflex training is the best map ever created. I practice on this map 90% of the time instead of others. In this map waves of terrorists come towards you running or walking frequently. You have to kill them before they fall in the pit around you.

This map makes your mouse movement more flexible. I recommend not to make your sensitivity higher in order for quick movements. Rather you should minimize it so that you can make your aim more accurate for opponent’s small movement.

When they preach you or when they are far away you should quickly kill them with one head shot before the others come behind you. If you miss one after 4-5 shots, then concentrate on killing others. Move your mouse quickly in different directions to see the other opponents.

Try to keep your horizontal movement just parallel to the ground all the time. This will make your shots easy to hit the heads. Now practice it at least 20-30 minutes at a time 3 days a week. It will make your aim so much better that you can observe it in matchmaking.

But don’t do competitive just after practicing it because you won’t be able to do this in practical if you are just a beginner. Try to practice this in deathmatch first. After a few days or a week, you can see the changes in your aim for sure.


Note: be sure to join the CT or if you get stuck in the middle, then you may be declared a NOOB.

Sarfraz is a noob

#2. Training aim csgo2 By Bernie


This map is for training your reflexes. If you think your response is slow then this will make your response time better and also train your aim. When you join in the very first time, select AK 47 and then at Level 1 shoot at start. Just see if you can hit all the red dots in time. First it will be very hard as the dots appear for a very short time. Now after practicing it 3-4 times, Now it’s time for training at other levels.

You can switch to Level 2, 3 and 4. Each level makes you stand farther to the aim. So it will make you use your mouse  movements in variations. Playing at level 2 and 3 may be easy but training at level 1 and 4 have their own advantages.

Now on the left side their is a menu where you can customize things for better training. the default one is the Fast Aiming which you did already. Now the other handful options are Reflex Training and Intensive Fast Aiming. You can also customize the color, the size of the Target circle and the number of shots required to kill the circle.

For reducing or increasing the duration of Red circle, there is an option at the right side from where you can change the duration to 0.25, 0.5, 1.25 etc. I don’t recommend going above 0.75 because it’s the minimum you should practice.

Training_aim_csgo2 4

For fast reflexes, switch to the Reflex Training. Now the circles will appear one at the center and when you shoot at it immediately another circle will appear anywhere. After shooting that circle, the center one will appear again. This will go on. So you have to keep your base aim at the center of the target board.

Training_aim_csgo2 1

For even better reflexes you should train at Intensive Fast Aiming which is very good for improving in Fast Aiming option too. If you practice at this option first, it will become easy for you to train at the Fast Aiming too. In Intensive Fast Aiming, the Red circles will appear in groups. You just have to shoot at all before it’s too late. The red circles wont’ disappear even if you don’t shoot at them. But they will remain their till you shoot them and if you fail to shoot 4,5 circles if they remain their on the target board, your challenge is over.

I found this interesting and makes your aim better for the time when you want to kill more than 2 opponents in matchmaking consecutively at one place.


Training_aim_csgo2 3


#3. Ak 47 By PeTr0v1cH

Ak 47

This map is meant for practicing with your friends. You can kick all the bots by the commands in console or you can just add a little bit more fun by controlling them when you die. This map is very much aim sensitive. Your team and the opponent team always spawn behind a wall which just allows you to to just see the heads of your opponents.

Between you and your opponent are two things: One is a slope and one is water at both sides. You can move side to side to find your opponents head and shoot them. Try to shoot them with one tap as you will not be able to spray and tag them through walls.

Well you can also hide behind the crates or climb on them but it’s risky as you are totally open to them. But hiding under the water sneakily will help you reach close to your enemy if you want to kill him with a spray or burst fire.

This map is the best map to practice AK with your friends.


#4. Training Bot aim V4C By FirZooL

Training Bot aim V4C.

V4C is the map which was once a V4B but after a bug in the map due to which players were not able to see the weapons on the wall, the maker launched a new version which is totally fine. This map is not meant specifically for AK 47 but for all the other weapons.

This map is highly customizable and you can train according to your needs. First of all when you start the map, join the CT team and if you mistakenly go in T team then you can press M and select CT’s. After this, you can select your desired weapon. For this post as I am concentrating on AK, choose the AK.

Training Bot aim V4C 1

On the left side there are various customization options to choose from. You can increase the number of bots to a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 1. You can increase your health more than 8000 with GOD mode and can make the bots totally harmless by shooting at D5.

Be sure you make them harmless as you have to practice AK 47 aim otherwise they will constantly shoot you and you won’t be able to practice.

After this create a wall and you are ready to go. Now go and practice one Tap shooting with AK and kill the bots who are constantly moving side to side. You can only see their heads so this makes it better for practicing headshots.


Training Bot aim V4C 2

#5. Aim Botz By MR. ULLETICAL

Aim Botz is the map which is practiced by a lot of pro gamers including Scream. This map is very flexible and has wide range of distance variation you can create in order to practice aim at a close distance as well as at far distance. There will be more than 11 bots and you have to choose CT again and you will be placed at the center of the circle.

From here you have to choose AK 47 or a M4A4/M4A1-S from the wall above the below wall. Now choosing the settings exactly as I have shown in the following image.

This will add crates and a more distance to the map. This will be a bigger challenge to you if you try to kill the bots behind the crates. They can or cannot be behind the crates everytime. So you have to use one tap shot, burst fire as well as spray to kill each one of them. Practice is at least 15 minutes.


Aim Botz

Aim Botz 1

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