Is Fortnite’s New Season Pop Culture Inspired?


The release of the new Fortnite season shows that the game’s developers are taking influence from some unexpected places. One of the most surprising influences on this new season is the legendary anime film “Akira.”

Its spectacular cinematography, fierce action, and futuristic cyberpunk atmosphere have made this great movie a cult classic for more than 30 years. This article will examine more closely how “Akira’s” concepts and visual style are incorporated into Fortnite’s most recent season. The new map in this season will catch players’ attention right away.

The game no longer takes place fully on the traditional island but rather in a vast urban setting that clearly draws inspiration from “Akira’s” futuristic Neo-Tokyo. The bustling streets, neon signs, and tall towers all recall the cyberpunk theme of the movie. A variety of additional locations have also been added to the city, such as a sizable mall, a cutting-edge research facility, and a sizable underground complex.


The bikes closely resemble Otomo’s version of the bikes from “Akira”

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The might of technology and the risks it poses is one of “Akira’s” major themes. The new season of Fortnite, which includes a number of cutting-edge tools and weapons, echoes this idea. The newest hoverboard, which enables users to soar through the air and pull off acrobatic acrobatics, is one of the most famous. An energy cell that powers the hoverboard may be refilled at specialized stations dotted across the metropolis.

The energy rifle is another innovative device that can obliterate opponents in a matter of seconds thanks to its potent energy blasts. This weapon clearly references “Akira’s” futuristic technology, which includes a variety of cutting-edge weaponry and vehicles.

There are bikes in the new season that so closely resemble the bikes used in the film, showcasing the odd design that made them so famous in the first place. Some of the motorcycles even sport the same colors as the gang sports. Players even have the ability to do the famous slide on their bikes that Kaneda performs in the movie. The same slide that has been reused in pop culture over and over again!

There is also the new katana that allows players to dash far without the need for running, using repeatable slashes as the reload time re-ups. Although this is not “Akira” related, it certainly echoes Cyberpunk-esque tradition. The new skins in the game also reference the cyberpunk style of the movie. The “Tetsuo” skin, for instance, is obviously based on the movie’s lead character, a young guy who acquires extraordinary abilities after coming into contact with an unknown energy source.

These skins are inspired by the abilities and grotesqueness that Tetsuo gains after having the energy source overwhelm his former self. The “Kaneda” skin is based on Tetsuo’s closest friend and competition. This skin is actually a lizard skin, donning Kaneda’s well-known red motorcycle jacket that even has similar marking patterns on the sleeves. The use of color and light in “Akira” is among its most remarkable features.

The movie is renowned for its spectacular lighting effects and vibrant colors, which convey a sense of both order and anarchy. The latest season of Fortnite, which includes a number of breathtaking visual effects, shares this same design. The city’s neon lights produce a mesmerizing show of color and motion, while energy blasts and explosions fill the screen with bright bursts of light. Not to mention that the skyscrapers overtake the new lower area of Fortnite’s area, with holograms marking bringing the new area into the future. Tetsuo would be a perfect skin to include in Fortnite’s future, fitting right in with his super powers.


Tetsuo would be a perfect skin to include in Fortnite’s future, fitting right in with his super powers

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The presence of several Easter eggs and allusions to the movie is an intriguing feature of the Akira-inspired season. For instance, players can come across graffiti on city walls that alludes to significant scenes and figures from the movie, such as the recognizable bike gang or Tetsuo’s metamorphosis into a monster creature. Other hidden goods and collectibles from the movie include energy cells that can be used to energize weaponry or turn on special features.

The debut of a new plot that is connected to the Akira-inspired setting is one of the most intriguing aspects of the new season. The high-tech research facilities and its enigmatic experiments’ secrets can be discovered by players, and they might hold the key to revealing the city’s actual potential. Players will confront new obstacles and adversaries as they advance through the narrative, as well as discover buried treasure and other mysteries that will aid them in achieving triumph.

Players can undertake challenging missions that demand them to beat formidable foes or accomplish specific goals within a given time restriction, or they can search for secret caches of loot dispersed throughout the city. These quests provide a fun and interesting way to play the game as well as a wonderful opportunity to acquire new skins, weapons, and other goodies. To those who don’t have the skins they want or the v-bucks they need, check here to buy fully loaded Fortnite accounts.

Hopefully, the team takes this story even further as the series progresses, leading to actual “Akira” characters coming to the battle royale field. Ultimately, the new season of Fortnite is a brilliant tribute to the iconic anime film Akira, allowing players a chance to explore a cyberpunk world full of danger and thrill. With its neon-lit streets, high-tech research facilities, and iconic monuments, Neo-Tokyo is a setting that is both familiar and fresh, giving a unique and fascinating gaming experience that is sure to thrill fans of the film and newbies alike.

The cyberpunk metropolis to the high-tech gadgets and weapons make this season a love letter to the iconic anime film. Players will be captivated for hours on end by this season’s gorgeous aesthetics, fast-paced action, and interesting challenges.As a result, the new season of Fortnite is a great place to start if you’re searching for a new and intriguing way to explore the Fortnite universe.


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