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Best Power Supplies for a Gaming Build

Power supplies are very important part of a computer. Neglecting them may lead your system to get damaged physically. If you want to protect your system from overcurrent or overvoltage, then you must not ignore the Power supply in the least.

In case you are building a computer for normal/basic work, there is no need to worry a lot about power supplies. But when it comes to gaming, this is important thing which will protect your expensive graphics card.

But selecting a power supply can be tough as there are many brands that advertise that they are the best. But it’s on us to determine which works the best. Therefore, I have brought you the list of the best power supplies that are top rated and are used all over the world. I will explain each brand and how their power supplies work to clear every confusion.

Before you move on further to select your required power supply, I recommend you to first calculate your total system tdp i.e., power consumption so you will have the idea how much power do you really want. I have provided the link of the website which will help you to calculate your system’s power consumption. TDP CALCULATOR


EVGA SuperNOVA 750 B1 80+ BRONZE
EVGA is the best brand for power supplies when we compare the value to price with other brands. Not only these are inexpensive but they have ideal operations under heavy loads. These power supplies use japanese as well as non-japanese capacitors depending upon which category a particular psu falls in. I have used mainly these in all of my GAMING BUILDS.

For a simple 80+ or 80+ bronze power supply, there are generally non-japanese capacitors but for 80+ gold power supplies, all psu’s use 100% japanese capacitors. Along with good quality capacitors, the hold up time of EVGA power supplies are among the best in psu’s. Which means you will get better power supply when electricity fluctuates.

EVGA power supplies are the most bought product in computer power supplies due to their comparatively low prices and good performance with continuous power supply on a single +12V rail. They are the most reliable and trustable power supplies for any budget or high end build. As there are different versions of EVGA Psu’s, I have linked them all below from where you can check their prices. Generally the 80+ Gold power supplies cost higher as they provide more efficiency and have more years of warranty.


Standard 80+

430 watts500 watts


500 watts600 watts700 watts, 750 watts, 850 watts

80+ Gold Supernova

550 watts650 watts750 watts850 watts1000 watts1300 watts1600 watts


Corsair CX Series 430
The next highly rated psu’s come from Corsair but unlike it’s good quality memories and cases, the power supplies are not really upto the mark. These are cheap and can fit into any budget. But the more it’s cheap the more shortcomings it has. There is pretty a big debate on CX series that these are not reliable and will blast or something if you use them. But these are all myths. There is nothing like that cx series are crap but as I said it has some shortcomings and that’s it.

Other series of Corsair PSU series like AX, VS, HX, RM are really good for use but they are also more expensive. Therefore if you have money you can go with higher series or even different psu’s. But CX series still have some good reliability. I am not saying that this is the best but this is just fine. The disadvantage of any CX series PSU is that it has chinese capacitors and not japanese. Second disadvantage is that it has less hold up time. And that’s all but these are really not the things by which anyone can decide whether these are crap or not. These are just disadvantages and will have whatsoever no effect on your system.

Thousands of people have used them and are still using them including myself and nothing wrong happened. CX series still have got thousands of positive reviews which you can check from the below links. These are 80+ bronze psu’s which provide you upto 85% of power efficiency on typical loads. Overall, I would rather consider going with EVGA than Corsair but this is another great tight budget option for budget builds. But do not go with CX series if you have a high end build.


CX series

500 watts, 600 watts750 watts, 850 watts

RM series

450 watts, 550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts, 850 watts, 1000 watts 

Cooler Master

Cooler Master V750

Cooler Master is the producer of some of the best cases, coolers and psu’s. From older generation to latest one, cooler master have produced power supplies according to the needs of the customers. As we have skylake processors as the latest in the market, the Cooler Master V series are already 100% compatible with them. There are also some older psu’s from cooler master like Cooler master Elite and V2 but these are better right now if you want to do future proofing.

The older psu’s also have good reliability and more than 70% efficiency and they are also very cheap right now. But the V series are 80+ Gold which means these power supplies will provide upto 92% of power efficiency which means less generated heat and more power to components. You can easily add two graphics cards like gtx 970 with a 750 watts power supply but you always have option to select lower or higher wattage depending upon your needs. 550 watts should be the minimum recommendation if you are using latest generation processor and a decent graphics card.

The other good series from Cooler Master is GM which is 80+ bronze which are cheaper than the gold series and have lower power efficiency and uses non japanese capacitors. But it is also fully next generation processors compatible. As compared to the Corsair CX series it has much better hold up time i.e., greater than 16ms which is recommended for a system’s uninterruptable continuous operation.

The only con is that V series are expensive than those of EVGA and Corsair but you get more efficiency and 100% japanese capacitors in your Psu’s. The other advantage of this series is that you either get semi modular of fully modular power supplies which will allow you to select only those cables that are going to be used in your build. If you don’t bother spending good amount of money to get the best performance, then definitely Cooler Master V series psu’s are a good choice.


GM series

550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts

V series

550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts, 850 watts, 1000 watts, 1200 watts


Antec 550W 80-PLUS

Antec is another great budget choice for gamers who want decent performance without spending a lot of money. Three versions of the Antec power supplies are considered the best bang for buck which are the basic VP series, high current gamer series and Edge series. The Vp series power supplies are the best power supplies for budget builds of $400-$600 as they provide you wattage of 450 watts and above but going for high end builds, you should consider either the high current gamer series or the Edge series.

The VP series are the most bought of all and have got hundreds of 5 star ratings and positive reviews. The VP series power supplies have a power efficiency upto 80% which is fine but still not upto the mark. But other features like two +12 V rail and heavy duty capacitors make it a reliable power source for your pc. This series is best for budget builds with an entry level graphics cards and not suitable for high end rigs above $1000.

If you want to power up graphics cards like gtx 970 or 980, then consider going with either high current gamer and the best option is the Edge series as the Edge series power supplies provide upto 92% of power efficiency with a minimum of 87% at full loads. But they however cost much more than the VP series but are worth the money.

As compared to the cooler master the high current gamer psu’s have lower hold up time and provide lesser efficiency but are better than the corsair CX series. The best thing about the Edge and High current gamer series is that they are fully modular and at this price they are worth the money.


VP series

450 watts

High Current Gamer 80+ bronze

520 watts, 620 watts, 750 watts


550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts


Thermaltake TOUGHPOWER 550W 80 PLUS GOLDWhen you want more power for your high end build, this is where the thermaltake power supplies work very well. The Toughpower 80+ Gold power supplies from thermaltake are really worth the money. As compared to the other 80+ gold power supplies Toughpower power supplies are much cheaper and perform almost the same.

The minimum wattage power supply you can get is 550 watts which is enough for powering TitanX. All the different wattage power supplies from Thermaltake Toughpower have a minimum of 2x(6+2) pin power connector which is enough for powering any graphics cards. The cables are flat rather than bulky type which are easy to route and manage.

As the the Toughpower provides 80+ Gold feature, you will get 87%-90% of power efficiency with 20%-100% load. Moreover these are really ultra silent with a noise level of 18db on typical loads. With a single +12V rail and 100% japanese capacitors, this Toughpower series is a jem for the money. I recommend going with these power supplies if you want to have 80+ gold feature and want to spend less money.

Otherwise there are other series from Thermaltake which are TR2 and Smart series. The TR2 series is much older, so better not go with it but the Smart series is also good and provides you 80+ bronze feature but you will not have modular psu’s.


Smart 80+ BRONZE

550 watts650 watts750 watts

Toughpower 80+ GOLD

550 watts, 650 watts, 750 watts, 850 watts, 1000 watts, 1200 watts, 1500 watts


SilverStone Technology 600W SFX

as high as 1500 watts along with features like 80+ Bronze, silver, gold and platinum. For budget builds 80+ bronze psu’s are a good choice and if you don’t bother about spending money go for either gold or platinum. The higher series have very good voltage regulation with low noise and ripples. You will also get fully modular and flat cables for easy routing and you can use cable whichever you want.

The lower wattage power supply starts from 300 watts 80+ bronze which is good choice for building a pc with low end graphics card and lesser components. Or if you totally don’t want to use a dedicated video card, then you may use any generation high end processor or motherboard with it. But sure you can install a graphics card like gtx 650 ti or similar like that which needs only 1×6 pin power connector. Although you should first calculate your total components power consumption before going with a dedicated graphics card.

As compared to the other power supplies Silverstone offers more variations in power supplies. With 300 watts of power supply you get only basic features like 80mm fan, 1x6pin power connector and also higher noise levels. But moving to gold or platinum series you can have as much as 139mm big fan with magnetic filter, fully modular cables and low noise levels as low as 18db. Sure platinum series are the best but only buy them if you can afford them.

They provide more than 90% of power efficiency but for much less price gold series are good option for high end builds. And if you are going to do two/three way or four way SLI/CrossfireX, then definitely the Silverstone 1000/1500 watts Gold psu’s are going to the do job well. And yes one more thing, I recommend S series for gold power supplies rather than SX series as they provide much better power regulation.



300 watts, 450 watts

80+ GOLD

750 watts, 850 watts, 1000 watts, 1500 watts


550 watts650 watts, 750 watts


Seasonic X-850

Seasonic similar to the evga has a wide variety of power supplies with several series and wattage sizes. Fortunately, like the EVGA and Cooler Master power supplies mentioned above every series of Seasonic is great and have some advantages on one another. Seasonic power supplies are great when you go with the GOLD series as you will get G series and X series power supplies.

Both feature the 80+ gold power efficiency but the X series are more expensive as the X series power supplies are fully modular and have semi fanless mode. Like you can either make your fan to work on full speed or you can completely stop it to make your system totally silent. Similar to the G and X series, there are S12 and M12 series out of which M12 series psu’s are expensive because they are fully modular.

The higher end power supplies of X series like 1000w/1250 watts have several PCI E power connectors that will enable you to easily put two or more graphics cards in SLI/CrossfireX. But there is also platinum series which are more expensive but provide more efficiency. But Gold series are best bang for buck as you can get the same wattage power supplies by spending 30 dollars or more less than the Platinum series psu’s.

But with platinum series you will get 7 years of warranty and with gold series you will get 5 years of warranty. So, now it depends on you, how many years of warranty you want.


S12 series 80+ BRONZE

520 watts

M12 series 80+ BRONZE

620 watts

G series 80+ GOLD

550 watts, 650 watts

X series 80+ GOLD

650 watts, 850 watts, 1050 watts, 1250 watts


1000 watts1200 watts



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